D9537 joins 'Ernest' at the East Lancs

D9537 has been purchased by a consortium of ELR Diesel group & C15PS members from its present owner, whose intial plans for the locomotive when purchased did not come to fruition. D9537 arrived at Bury on the 4th of March, transported from its former location at a private site in Linconshire on a Reid Freight Low-Loader. A video of the journey including loading, unloading and shunting movements can be seen on YouTube.

Already nicknamed 'Eric', D9537 has a seized power unit which will require either repair or replacement, along with work to reverse 20 years of being out of use, the loco last ran on the Glouscestershire & Warkwickshire Railway in the early 1990's before being stopped with the power unit problem. Laid up the locomotive was then sold after a number of years out of use and moved to a private site with plans to restore the locomotive back to working condition, but due to circumstances this never began. It is hoped to have the locomotive operational again within 12-18 months.

Since arrival, D9537's power unit has been disconnected and lifted from the loco and has been stripped down and inspected. The source of the initial problem has been located as damage at the bottom end of cylinder B1 which shows evidence of having run hot, causing crankshaft and bearing damage. Further work has however managed to get the engine to bar round a little, only ½" of movement this far, but encouraging.

Meanwhile the side doors on both ends of the loco have been freed off and opened and the task ahead given consideration. Both sets of radiator shutters have been removed, stripped, rebuilt and are now stored for refitting later. More news to follow later in the year.